Asadoya Yunta

Asadoya Yunta is one of my favourite songs, ever since living in Japan. However, finding information about it in English has been very difficult. I asked a Japanese friend to investigate and here what they found out:

“Asadoya Yunta” originated in Taketomi Island in Okinawa.

“Asadoya nu Kuyama” was a beautiful and brave lady. When she was 16 years old she rejected a wedding proposal from a government man. Japanese government (Shogun) came to the island and ruled around that era. So it was very brave to reject a wedding proposal from a government man.

“Yunta” is a style of songs in Okinawa. A “yunta” sings about intensive labours, like the blues.

“Matahaari nu tsindara kanushamayo” is a mysterious phrase. People believe it means “such a lovely girl” or some say it’s Indonesian language with a very similar meaning.

“Saa Yui Yui” is a melodic phrase.

“Asadoya nu Kuyama ni a nchurasa maribashi.”

Kuyama was born so beautiful.

“Imsha kara anwari maribashi.”

She was beautiful and had fair skin since she was a baby.

“Mizashishu nu kuyatara ataryoya nu nuzumyota”

Mizashishu (a government man) proposed and her parents accepted.

“Mizashishu ya banamba yo ataryo yaya koryayumuyo”

She said ‘no’ to Mizashishu. ‘I don’t like my parents.’